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By PolyCyberApril 06, 2023

Career Info

Last Updated: 2023-04-06

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1. What are the different types of careers in the cybersecurity industry?

The NICE Framework provides a comprehensive guide on the roles you can have in cybersecurity, which applies across public, private, and academic sectors

Discover the 20 coolest careers in cybersecurity with this sheet made by the well-known SANS Institute.

2. I come from a non-technical background and I'm interested in cybersecurity. How do I get started?

There is a high demand of cybersecurity professional. Therefore, many people decide to shift from their current job and many of them come from non-technical backgrounds. This article gives some advice on how to approach a career in cybersecurity: Getting Started in Cybersecurity with a Non-Technical Background

3. I have an interview for a role. How do I prepare for that?

Lists of interview questions might come in handy if you have an upcoming technical interview. Here's our shortlist:

4. I landed my first internship in cybersecurity! How do I prepare myself?

This post on Reddit presents some tips that can help you to get ready for your internship.

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