Join our community to develop your cybersecurity skills!

Technical Workshops

These workshops aim to investigate various themes and improve the participants' skills. These workshops are open to beginners and veterants.

Get Involved!

Getting involved in a student comity allows to gain a good experience outside of the university, which is what recruiters are looking for!

Executive Team

A gathering of motivated and passionate student of Polytechnique Montreal, the executive team is at the heart of the comity. They plan the technical workshops animated by other students or experts, they organise CTF (Capture-the-Flag) competitions with our sponsors, promote the comity on social media and build relationships with companies through partnerships.

CTF Team

During the whole year, the CTF team participates in numerous competitions. These include NorthSec (Montréal), the HackFest (Québec) and the CSAW. Members of the CTF team have access to entries provided by the comity. Check out our ranking on CTFTime!

To join our CTF Team you have to be a registered student of Polytechnique Montreal.