CTF (Capture-the-flag)

For a third consecutive year, the 24h@CTF offers many activities

CTF Jeopardy • Cyberconférence CTF/24h@CTF 2023

Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, Polytechnique Montreal, PolyCyber and Yogosha have joined forces to prepare some great challenges to test your skills, whether you're a enthusiast or a CTF fan!

CTF 101 • French

Want to learn how to participate in CTFs? During these five days, develop your knowledge on the most common challenge categories in CTFs!

Attack/Defence CTF by Seela • In-person

You think you're among the best in offensive or defensive cybersecurity, have the responsiveness, speed and skills needed⁉ Come prove yourself at the Palais des congrès during the Cyberconference. Cybereco and Seela will concoct an in-person attack/defense CTF for you on April 20, 2023. 20 teams of 4 will face each other in a competition that will mix attack and defense of an environment! You are not ready!
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CyberEco • BNC • Desjardins • Polytechnique • OVH • Seela • Yogosha